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Perfection in Plastic Training Aircraft

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Engineering • Design, development and analysis of transparency • Stress and deformation modelling • Ejection compatibility modelling and emergency exit according requirements • Latching, pressure seal and lifting mechanism design • Front transparency with integrated windshield for improved pilot view • Delivery of complete systems containing transparencies, frames, opening and closing mechanism and balancing system • Made of a cast acrylic or stretched acrylic, thickness defined according to bird impact, ejection seat and pressurization requirements • Bird impact simulation and test • Performing of specific tests for certification • Organic and inorganic coating development capability • Company-owned tooling


Aero Vodochody, Aero L-39 NG • Design, manufacturing and assembling of the complete Canopy System • Opening and closing mechanism integrated in the canopy frame • Windshield laminated to front transparency for improved view

Pilatus, PC-21 • Assembling of the complete Canopy System • Windshield laminated to front transparency for improved view • Installation of MDC detonation system

Perfection in Plastic, made in Switzerland

Production • Preliminary tests for structural load (cockpit pressure) • CAD parts development • Design and manufacture of complex-shaped parts in • Weight-optimized glazing/composite combinations • Transparencies with stretched or cast acrylic and polycarbonate Management System • EN 9100:2018 • EASA Part 21, Section A, Subpart G • Certified by Aeronautic Industry leaders acrylic, metallic and composite • System and canopy production

Perfection in Plastic, made in Switzerland

Repair and overhaul • Repair jobs with or without frame • Direct assembly on customer request • Polishing, grinding • MDC replacement • Training for installation and maintenance

Long-term commitment • Long-term storage of tools • No minimum order quantities • Safety stock of raw material • Continuous improvement ensuring safety of design • Monitoring of delivery performance

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